Why Rec Soccer Just Doesn't Cut it for your Child

I grew up playing rec soccer.  Every spring, from ages six to eleven, I joined a team of other little girls in the community who were eager to have a reason to put on their cleats and shin guards.  Saturday mornings were game time; our parents in lawn chairs, hoping to see their little darling score a goal and all of us players as clueless as we were excited.  The whistle would blow and we would break into a familiar scene; one ball being chased by a beehive of girls.  Inevitably a child would break off from the group, sit down and pick dandelions.  Goals would get scored, both on purpose and accident.  Our "coach" was a nice guy, he volunteered his time, had a daughter on the team, but to me he was just a distant voice from the sidelines. 

Fast forward 17 years, and I finally know what a successful kids soccer program looks like.  My husband and I get the joy of seeing kids engage, develop and fall in love with soccer nearly everyday.  Why does Lil' Kickers stand out against rec soccer?  Here are a few reasons to mull over:

Soccer balls:

Rec soccer = 1

Lil' Kickers = 1 for every child

That's right, at Lil' Kickers we know that the only way to improve dribbling, passing and shooting, is to get kids spending time with a soccer ball.  Our renown curriculum is built with activities that will give kids plenty of ball touches.


Rec soccer = Untrained and unpaid (often tired)

Lil' Kickers = Thoroughly trained (and paid!), energetic and flat-out-fun

Nothing against the community volunteers willing to give up their Saturday mornings after a long work week (you guys are awesome), but, c'mon, if you've seen our Lil' Kickers coaching staff, you'll know just what I mean.  Our coaches straight up rock.  We are INCREDIBLY picky in our hiring process.  We make darn sure that not only are our coaches soccer-fluent, but that they are kid stars.  (Doesn't matter one bit how good you are at soccer if you can't keep a group of kids engaged, on task and excited.) 


Rec soccer = Bowl of sliced oranges

Lil' Kickers = 20 year compilation of age-appropriate soccer curriculum

Lil' Kickers has scores of result-producing soccer activities.  But, we know who we're working with, so you'll see it disguised in the most imaginative ways.  For two year olds, our soccer balls turn in to eggs that need to be tapped lightly with their feet in order to help the baby chicks hatch.  For six year olds, our soccer balls turn in to torpedoes that must be launched at enemy battle ships (cones) in order to protect the homeland.  We know we've done a good job when our kids build strong soccer skills with a smile on their face.

Now's the time where I say, come see it to believe it.  Bring your child in for a free class to taste the difference--it might even taste better than sliced oranges.