How long are classes?  Each of our classes lasts 50 minutes with a water break about half way through.  Between classes there is a 10 minute break.

What are the child-to-Coach ratios for each class?  Ratios vary depending on several factors including the mobility of the children in the class, whether parents are participating in the class, and the level of technical instruction required.  Here are the ratios for each class.*with parent participation

How long are your sessions?  We offer four (4) sessions a year that break down into approximately 13 week cycles.

If my daughter has a birthday during the session should she move up to the next class?  If your daughter is ready physically and emotionally, the option of moving up is always available, subject to the recommendation of a Coach. However, changing classes in midstream because of a birthday is unnecessary.

I think my son is advanced. Can he move up a level to the next class even if he's not old enough yet?  Yes, if it is appropriate for him both physically and emotionally. Our coaching staff will determine whether moving up is appropriate based on our experience with kids of similar age with similar abilities.

When is my child ready for a Micro Advanced class?  Micro Advanced classes are our most technically difficult classes.  Players who have successfully completed Jackrabbits often are well suited to joining Micro Advanced 5-6.  Players who have successfully completed Big Feet are often well suited to joining Micro Advanced 7-8.  On occasion, players with no Lil' Kickers experience, but who have had significant experience playing elsewhere (unusual at this age) may move directly into a Micro Advanced class. In any case, advancement into a Micro Advanced class normally requires a Coach's recommendation.

When should my child move up to the next class?  Advancing to the next class really depends on the child and how they are doing in the current class. Our philosophy is that sports played at younger ages should be mainly about overall emotional and cognitive development and the social experience of playing in a group or on a team.  The exercise and growth of a child's physical capabilities is of lesser importance; so prior to moving a child, we consider not just the child's physical needs, but also their emotional, cognitive and social needs. This approach helps create a successful learning environment for children who are ultimately well developed in all areas. Your child's Coach can help you evaluate and determine which class is most appropriate for you and your child's needs.

Even if my son is not old enough, can he be put in the same class with a sibling?  Our classes are developed to be age and skill appropriate, so normally siblings of different ages are not in the same class. However, if a younger child has advanced ability as determined by our coaching staff, then an exception may be made.  Note that our class schedule normally offers classes for different ages at the same time, which often accommodates those families who want to simultaneously schedule their children's classes.

Can I make sure a specific child is not in my class?  If a child is well-suited for a given class, we will not otherwise restrict that child from that class.  However, we normally offer several times and days for each class, so it shouldn't be difficult to personally schedule your child so that any unwanted pairing does not occur.

My child's coach last session was great! Can I request the same Coach again for the next session?  You can request a specific Coach; however your child's placement with that Coach will be first come, first serve, and determined by space available.  So sign up early!