Where your child masters soccer with a smile.

If your child doesn't have a blast, we will give you your money back

Kids soccer scrimmage in action.  Four and five years old.

Why we're awesome for kids

  • We know how to excite kids. We blend stories into all of our soccer drills.  Throw in aliens, hippos and moon-cheese and soccer comes alive.
  • Our coaches are not just soccer players, they are kid-stars.  We only hire people who have the self-confidence to be goofy, loud and animated.
  • We cheer the effort, not the goal.  Kids don't go home sore-losers, they learn to cheer each other on in an extremely positive environment.
  • The confidence of our kids goes through the roof.  Beginner, advanced or too scared to play at all, we meet kids at their level and help them blossom from there.  
picture of a toddler playing soccer and celebrating a goal.
The way you teach soccer makes so much more sense for kids!
— Glenda P. (Parent)
Your coaches are incredible. Where do they get all that energy?
— Ida B. (Parent)
Winston (4): You are really silly!
Coach Leah (28): Thanks, Winston!
Kids soccer cheer after classes.  Ages three and four years old.

Why we're awesome for parents

  • Your toddlers can finally have some age appropriate fun outside the house. We start at 18 months.

  • We are an indoor, year-round program.  That means climate controlled seats and not going stir crazy in the winter.

  • We have a variety of class offerings to fit with busy family schedules.

  • Your kids will love the program and want to go.  It won't be pulling teeth to get them out the door.

  • Miss a class?  Not a problem.  We offer free make-ups.